Making Faces by Marina Landi



I am very happy that you have shown interest in purchasing my “Making Faces” course.

I’m sending you this message with some guidelines and clarifications.

It has 9 modules, each module will have weekly online meetings so that I can answer your questions or correct exercises.

The first three modules are theoretical with very important content for you to develop your own quilt.

The other six modules are practical, where you will run your quilt from start to finish.

One of these modules has the collaboration of Fábia Diniz, where she will teach how to quilt a face.

This course contains a kit with all the material needed to carry out the project, you will only need good scissors, an iron and a sewing machine!

The kit will be sent to you after confirmation of purchase, no matter if you live in Brazil or any other country!

All recorded lessons will have the option of subtitles in Spanish and English.

Each class contains a booklet in PDF format, which will be made available for each class, with a summary of the same, with the options for Spanish and English!

So there is only one last question: what are the prerequisites for following the course?

Are they:

  • knowing how to use the sewing machine
  • lots of fun to learn!

It is not necessary to have previous experience, this course starts from the basics, with all the information you need to venture into this fun endeavor!

Registration will open on Thursday, 06/10/2021 at 10:00 am (6/6/2021, at 8 PM), Brasília/Brazil time (UTC -3), and will run until 6/17/2021, or until the vacancies run out. We have a limited number of vacancies.

The exclusive email for the course is, where you can clear up your doubts, or write to me whenever you need.

These messages can eventually go to the spam box, and if this happens, please uncheck it as spam.

More news coming soon!


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